Work in Progress Meeting

Eric Titus, Th.D. will be discussing his dissertation,
The Myth of the Analogia Entis: Karl Barth’s
Doctrine of Secular Misery in Weimar Context.
His dissertation deals with the theologies that supported the National Socialists in Germany. The National Socialists supported Christianity of a certain type, “positive-masculine Christianity,” in their party platform. German Protestant Christians tailored their doctrines to support National Socialism during the Republic and
eventually the National Socialist State. The most robust response to this “positive-masculine Christianity” was from Swiss theologian Karl Barth, who taught in Germany in his early career before being expelled in 1935. Barth’s response to this rising tide of nationalism will be discussed, along with consideration of the Weimar period’s theological legacy for the United States.
Please join us via Zoom on Tuesday, November 14, at 1 p.m., when PRF member Richard T. Corbett presents “Researching the Spanish Civil War: 1936-1939.”